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Dylan Siegel knows what it means to be a true friend.

“He’s funny nice kind and cool!,” says best friend, Jonah.

Dylan’s best bud since pre-school, Jonah fights a life threatening disease. And Dylan stepped up to help.

“Dylan had decided he wanted to raise money to help Jonah, and I had suggested a lemonade stand or a bake sell,” says Dylan’s mom, Debra Siegel.

But Dylan wanted to do something bigger. He wanted to write a book.chocolate-boys

“The fact that he sat down and wrote it was shocking to all of us!,” Siegel says.

So the 6-year-old with a big idea wrote the Chocolate Bar Book.

It’s more than just sweet — chocolate bar is code for everything awesome.

“I like to help my friends, that is the biggest chocolate bar!,” says Dylan.

The book may not be not be on a top sellers list  yet, but the pals have already made appearances promoting the book.

And it’s raising big money to fight glycogen storage disease type 1B.  The disease affects one in a million.

“Jonah was diagnosed at 6 months old, and his body isn’t able to digest sugars,” says Rabin Pournazarian, Jonah’s dad.

To keep Jonah’s blood sugar levels from spiking, the Pournazarians must keep close tabs on everything Jonah eats.

Once in awhile he enjoys plain pastas or his favorite macaroni and cheese, but those are exceptions.

His parents tell us Jonah must be tube fed through his stomach a special formula to keep him healthy.

“We have to set our alarm clocks and wake him up each night at 3 for a feeding,” says Lora Pournazarian, Jonah’s mom.

“His immune system is also weak so we have to give him a shot to make him stronger.”

It’s a tough life fighting this disease, so it helps to have a buddy like Dylan, a friend to lean on.

Dylan’s efforts have raised $35,000 so far, and he says he can hardly believe it.

All that money is going to medical research to find a cure for GSD. Dylan says he wants to raise $1 million.

–Stefan Chase, KTLA News