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Rich checks a new virtual reality experience that takes place in a car!

The future of back seat entertainment might be Virtual Reality!

A company named holoride is working on making road trips more entertaining with adventures you experience while a passenger in a car.

To try it out, I headed to Universal CityWalk for a Bride of Frankenstein VR experience.

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On select days between October 14th and November 9th, visitors can try it out for free!

“We’ll change the way people do rear seat entertainment forever. We synchronize the movement of the car and basically translate this directly into VR,” explained holoride CEO and co-founder Nils Wollny.

That means when the car stops or turns – so does what you’re seeing in the headset!

Nils Wollny, Holoride CEO and Co-founder

Once the ride began, I was immediately transported to a world where there were clouds and dark skies.

“Not many people know about the bride, so we’ve been really fortunate to work with our Universal Monsters team to see how they could reimagine the character in a virtual reality setting,” explained Greg Reed with Universal Pictures.

The 10 minute experience takes place in a virtual car while you ride inside a real Ford Explorer! Frankenstein’s bride is alongside, and so are creatures you battle at every turn.

“When we said okay, we bring VR in a car, everyone said you guys are nuts, because there are many people that get VR sick and many people that get motion sick,” explained Wollny.

But holoride says since what you see and feel is synced with the car movement, it should actually reduce motion sickness. I definitely felt a little woozy after my ride. Your mileage may vary.

Still, it’s fun to see how immersive entertainment like this might soon make us forget to ask that age old question: are we there yet?

The Bride of Frankenstein holoride experience is free at Universal CityWalk Hollywood on select dates from October 14th to November 9th. Reserve your spot here.

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