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California’s Attorney General, Rob Bonta, announced a $5.7 billion multistate settlement against Walgreens for its role in the opioid epidemic Monday morning.

“The settlement will resolve allegations that the company failed to appropriately oversee the dispensing of opioids at its pharmacies,” a news release said.

More than $500 million from the multi-billion dollar settlement will be awarded to California to help the state fight against the ongoing epidemic.

“This settlement is another win in our ongoing fight to bring help and healing to California communities harmed by the opioid crisis,” Attorney General Bonta said in a statement.

Other states included in the settlement will use the money to provide treatment and recovery services for those struggling with opioid use.

The money also comes with court-ordered injunctive relief requirements to prevent a situation like this from happening again.

A similar settlement involving Walmart was announced in November.

In that case, the retailer said that it “strongly disputes” the allegations and does not include any admission of liability in its framework.