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Two out of every three Californians will get the Golden State Stimulus checks, state officials said Tuesday.

California is sending out $12 billion worth of payments in what is being described as the largest state tax rebate in U.S. history.

Taxpayers who make up to $75,000 annually will get a stimulus check of $600, while families with children will receive an additional $500.

To qualify, residents must have filed their 2020 tax returns and have lived in California for more than half of the tax year. The checks will be either mailed out or sent through a direct deposit — depending on which refund option the resident chose on their tax return.

Budget bills signed recently by Gov. Gavin Newsom also include over $4 billion for small businesses, $5.2 billion for rent relief and an additional $2 billion for overdue water and utility bills.

On Wednesday, Newsom will meet with Los Angeles County residents benefitting from assistance under the statewide rent relief program, which helps low-income Californians cover all of the back rent they owe and rent for several months into the future.