More sunny skies are on the horizon as the spring season nears, and what better way to celebrate the warmer weather than by visiting a California state park?

While state parks typically charge a $10 entry fee on most days, Californians can also take advantage of multiple passes that get them into the parks for free.

California State Parks Library Pass

You can get into the state parks for free if you are a library card holder.

The State Library Parks pass allows free entry for one vehicle with up to nine people or one motorcycle.

Residents interested in the pass should visit their local library and check it out for specific days.

An interactive map of California’s public libraries can be found online.

California State Parks Adventure Pass

Fourth graders across the state and their families can visit 19 state parks for free using the Adventure Pass.

The pass is valid for one school year, from Sept. 1 to Aug. 31 and can also be used during summer break.

Parents can sign up for a free Adventure Pass on the Reserve California website.

Those who don’t have access to a smartphone, computer, or printer can still get a pass by visiting a state park sales office.

A list of locations can be found here.

Golden Bear Pass

For $20 a year, Californians who are 62 years old and older, can purchase a Golden Bear Pass that’s valid for one year. The pass also includes a free visitor pass that can be used by their spouses or domestic partners.

The Golden Bear Pass does include some limitations, such as:

  • It’s not valid during peak season, which is typically between Memorial Day and Labor Day.
  • It can’t be used to bypass fees for per-person entry or special events, like boat tours, camping site fees, oversized vehicle fees and more.

Distinguished Veteran Pass

California veterans can get into state parks for free through the Distinguished Veteran Pass.

To receive the pass, a person must be a California resident and either a distinguished veteran, prisoner of war, or Medal of Honor recipient and have an overall disability benefits rating of at least 50%.

Veterans who were honorably discharged can also receive the pass.

The lifetime pass to state parks includes camping and boating experiences at no extra charge but can’t be used for special events, additional vehicle fees, commercial use and more.

Residents can apply for the pass on the Reserve California website and it must be renewed every five years.

California state parks also offer passes that range in price. The cheapest one, exclusively for disabled residents, costs $3.50.