Amazon’s Zoox, a technology company aiming to create autonomous vehicles, announced Monday its testing driverless taxis in California.

By the spring, the company says full-time Zoox employees will be able to use the rob- taxi services between its offices in Foster City, California, which is in Northern California.

The vehicle can transport up to four passengers, travel up to 35 mph and perform left and right-handed turns.

The robo-taxi can also take bi-directional turns, adhering to traffic lights and “cyclists, pedestrians, vehicles, and other road agents” on its route across the Zoox Foster City campus, according to a news release.

The company received approval from the California Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV) to test its driverless vehicle on the road after completing multiple test runs on private courses.

Zoox is the first “ purpose-built robo-taxi” permitted to drive on California roads, a news release stated.

Amazon bought Zoox in 2020 in hopes of using the company’s technology for food delivery and personal taxis services, Fortune reported.

 The company hopes to expand the robo-taxi service to the general public in the future.