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Authorities in California don’t anticipate the mass availability of a COVID-19 vaccine until 2021, but once it’s ready, people at high-risk will be prioritized, Gov. Gavin Newsom said Monday.

The governor announced that the state is one of five U.S. jurisdictions that have started advanced planning of the distribution of a vaccine in coordination with the the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the Department of Defense.

The state’s plan will be implemented in phases: pre-vaccine, limited doses available, larger number of doses available and sufficient supply of doses for entire population.

The earlier supply will be limited, and distribution will focus on high-risk groups, including those 65 or older and people in residential facilities, as well as health care workers and first responders.

The California Department of Public Health will independently review any FDA-approved vaccine before distributing it to the public, Newsom also said.