With the holiday season in full swing, many Californians hope our gift deliveries arrive on time. However, a study from Circuit Blog shows Los Angeles is among America’s worst cities for delivery drivers.

The website analyzed a variety of factors, including congestion levels, the number and lengths of traffic jams, and distracted driving fatalities.

New York topped the list, ranking #1 (being the worst) for congestion levels, traffic jams, and length of traffic jams.

Chicago was second on the list, ranking #1 for “hours lost in congestion,” and distracted driving fatalities.

Los Angeles ranked 5th on the overall list, and third worst for ‘length of traffic jams.”

RankCityFinal ScoreCongestion Level RankTraffic Jams RankLength of Traffic Jams RankHours Lost in Congestion RankLast Mile Speed RankDistracted Driving Fatalities Rank
1New York City78.75111212
5Los Angeles53.2310431796
Courtesy: getcircuit.com

San Francisco, Sacramento, and San Diego earned the 14th, 21st, and 25th spots, respectively.

Which are the best cities for delivery drivers? Worcester, Massachusetts, Pittsburgh, and Detroit ranked at the bottom of the 47-city list.