A Costco employee in Clovis, California, has earned Employee of the Month for returning nearly $4,000 in cash he found during a shift.

John Sotelo told ABC affiliate KFSN-TV in Fresno that he was putting away cases of water when he noticed an envelope on a pallet late last month.

He opened the envelope and discovered it contained $3,940 in cash.

Sotelo immediately notified a manager who helped locate the customer through surveillance footage and by matching their Costco identification number, KFSN-TV reported.

“It was crazy because when my manager walked me out and the member was right there … she was shaking my hand for like 20 seconds,” Sotelo told the television station. “She told me, ‘I’m so glad you found this. It’s for my kids to go to school.’”

Sotelo said he started the month of August with the goal of working hard and keeping a positive attitude so he could become Employee of the Month, which he did.

His name is now on a plaque inside the store.