Even though it’s the season for giving, Californians aren’t feeling too generous, according to a WalletHub study.

The personal finance website put together a list of the most charitable states based on 19 key metrics grouped into two categories: Volunteering & Service and Charitable Giving. Each state was given an average score that determined its position.

California ranked 42nd out of the 50 states with an overall score of 50.97 out of 100. According to the website, an overall score of 100 would represent the “most charitable” state.

Source: WalletHub

Researchers determined how giving a state was by evaluating its volunteer rate, public charities per capita, and the number of residents participating in fundraising activities, along with other metrics.

The Golden State also ranked within the bottom five for its volunteer rate score.

The “most charitable” state, according to the study, was Utah, followed by Maryland.

The United States is a very generous country, according to the latest World Giving Index. The report, published since 2010, ranks the top 10 generous and low-scoring countries.

The U.S. ranked second according to the latest report, a jump from the country’s 19th ranking for the 2020- 2021 study.

The results from the World Giving Index are based on average scores from a questionnaire. Researchers determine how much each question is worth.