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California’s population dropped by 182,000 last year, the first annual decrease ever recorded in the state’s history. Jessica Holmes takes an in-depth look at some of the issues driving people out of the Golden State and how these former California residents are doing in their new homes out of state.

Part One – The Hurley Family

Part one of “California Leavin'” takes us to Boise, Idaho where the Hurley family now lives. John and Jennie Hurley cite traffic, the homeless crisis and the cost of living as reasons why they left Long Beach. They compare the two cities and share their one regret about the move.

Part Two – Meet Ronnie and her daughter Khindle

Part two of the series takes us to Chandler, Arizona where single mom Ronnie Hines-Day and her daughter Khindle now live. Ronnie, a lifelong L.A. resident made the move after living paycheck to paycheck and realizing that making 6-figures wasn’t enough to own a home in a decent community. She shares how she and her daughter are liking their new home.

Part Three – The Szakos Family

In part three of the series, Jessica meets the Szakos family as they prepare to make the move to Nolensville, Tennesse with their four children. Erin and Mike share why the move is important and necessary for their family.

Part Four – The Crownholm Family

Part four of the series takes us to Boulder, Colorado where Veena Crownholm and her family moved during the pandemic. Veena shares the reasons why they moved and admits that she’s having a hard time transitioning.

Part Five – What’s driving people out of California?

In the fifth and final part of the series, Jessica talks to Lauren Hepler, a housing reporter for the San Francisco Chronicle, to unpack the issues that are motivating people to leave the Golden State. So is the California dream over? Hepler breaks down the data and weighs in with her opinion.

Jessica Holmes reports for the KTLA 5 News at 5 in November 2021.