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The California Lottery this week unveiled a new Scratchers game with a top prize of $20 million, the largest ever for such a game in state history.

The “Set for Life Millionaire Edition” game won’t necessarily make the winner an instant millionaire, though, as the grand prize will be paid out over 25 years in annual $800,000 installments.

Nevertheless, it’s still the biggest winnings offered for a Scratchers game in California, surpassing the previous high by $10 million, according to a news release from the state Lottery.

There are four grand prizes of up to $20 million available, with the odds of winning placed at 1 in 3,019,380, the game’s website shows.

Set for Life tickets cost $30, which is also more than other Scratchers games currently available.

“Our team is always looking closely at what’s popular among players so we can offer new and exciting ways for Californians to have a little fun and also support our mission, which is to raise extra money for public schools,” state Lottery Director Alva V. Johnson said in the release.

The California Lottery also introduced three other new Scratchers Monday.

So far this year, 14 people have won prizes of at least $1 million through the state Lottery, officials said. The largest to date was the lone winning ticket purchased in Woodland Hills for the $426 million Mega Millions jackpot in late January.