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The California Coastal Commission has asked the North County Transit District to withdraw its request for sole control over projects to stabilize the railroad tracks on the coastal bluffs in Del Mar in San Diego County.

The transit district filed a petition in August with the federal Surface Transportation Board asking it to relieve the Coastal Commission and the city of Del Mar of jurisdiction over the bluff projects, including plans to install a chain-link fence that would stop pedestrians from crossing the tracks to get to the beach.

“Along with many members of the public, I was shocked and dismayed by North County Transit District’s (NCTD) abrupt decision to not only end its collaboration with the Coastal Commission staff … but to do so without any notice or warning,” said the Oct. 15 letter from commission Executive Director John Ainsworth.

The commission has worked with the transit agency and its partner the San Diego Assn. of Governments on at least 28 railroad projects since 2002, Ainsworth said. Those include adding segments of double track, replacing old bridges and trestles, and previous bluff stabilization projects.

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