A central California restauranteur is apologizing for a video in which he used profanity to disparage local customers.

“F**k the locals,” Roger Sharp said in a TikTok video posted by his social media team earlier this month, which has since been taken down.

Sharp, who owns Tortilla Town and Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ in Paso Robles, Blue Sky Bistro in Morro Bay and Tito’s Red Tacos in Pismo Beach, was discussing the nature of his business and, specifically, those who complain about his prices.

“[Locals] aren’t going to be the ones that make us money, right? They’re not who this place is designed for,” he said.

Restaurant owner apologizes
California restaurant owner Roger Sharp posted a video on TikTok apologizing for disparaging locals. Sept. 15, 2023. (TikTok @restaurantmillionaire)

After the video was removed, copies were widely shared on Facebook, YouTube, Nextdoor and elsewhere on TikTok. (Watch the video)

While Sharp claims his comments were taken out of context, the backlash was swift and severe with many calling for a boycott of his restaurants.

“We love supporting local business & we frequent these places often,” one TikTok user wrote.” “My family & I will no longer be going, I’m keeping my local $.”

“Well I’m a local, and I won’t be supporting you so there,” said another.

Sharp finally issued an apology last Friday on the same TikTok account where the original clip was posted.

“If I offended anybody, I apologize,” he said, standing in front of Big Bubba’s Bad BBQ. “I’ve always taken care of everybody that I can in this community … I apologize if I hurt anybody’s feelings.”

Reactions to Sharp’s TikTok apology ranged from supportive to dismissive, and it remains to be seen if local diners will forgive and forget.