After a year of restaurant reviews and Instagram-worthy food photos, Yelp revealed which restaurants across the country received the most attention.

The website’s recap lists included multiple restaurants from the Golden State. Researchers compiled the list based on how frequently users submitted reviews and photos instead of measuring the total amount.

Craft by Smoke and Fire, located in Anaheim, was considered the most-reviewed restaurant in 2022. As of Friday afternoon, the eatery has received 4,711 reviews, many of them being five-star rankings.

Four of the five most reviewed restaurants on Yelp are in California.

Most reviewed restaurants on Yelp:

  1. Craft By Smoke & Fire – Anaheim, California
  2. Formosa – San Diego, California
  3. 888 Japanese BBQ – Las Vegas, Nevada
  4. Nova Kitchen & Bar – Garden Grove, California
  5. Bacari Silverlake – Los Angeles, California

Picture-perfect food from other restaurants in the Golden State had Yelp users reaching for their phones to share their dining experience on social media.

Besides being the top-reviewed restaurant for the year, Craft by Smoke and Fire was also considered the second most photographed eatery. Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen in Las Vegas took the top spot.

Most photographed restaurants on Yelp:

  1. Gordon Ramsay Hell’s Kitchen – Las Vegas, Nevada
  2. Craft By Smoke & Fire – Anaheim, California
  3. NEP Cafe by Kei Concepts – Fountain Valley, California
  4. 888 Japanese BBQ – Las Vegas, Nevada
  5. Liliha Bakery – Honolulu, Hawaii