A teenager has been arrested for allegedly issuing fake parking tickets near the beach in Santa Cruz, the Santa Cruz Police Department said.

Damian Vela, a 19-year-old Watsonville resident, was arrested around 4 p.m. last Thursday when police say he admitted to the crime but denied receiving any payments.

The scam citations had a QR code that led potential victims to a website for payment. As of Friday afternoon, it is unclear how many fake citations were issued or how many victims paid the “bogus citations,” police said.

At the time of Vela’s arrest, police also searched his vehicle and found evidence used in the scam.

Vela was booked into jail for “unlawful use of a computer system and attempted fraud.”

Any additional victims were encouraged to contact SCPD’s Investigations Unit at 831-420-5820. Police said if you’re not sure if a parking ticket is legitimate, call the city’s parking office at 831-420-6100 or visit the parking office at 124 Locust St.