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In a break from other Southern California theme parks, SeaWorld decided this week to open its San Diego park to out-of-state residents who are vaccinated against COVID-19, saying that it’s allowed under newly revised state guidelines.

Disneyland and Universal Studios Hollywood, meanwhile, aren’t so sure: They’re still selling tickets only to California residents. Representatives for those parks said Wednesday that the policy is based on their reading of the guidelines. Legoland in Carlsbad has also stuck with California residents only.

The confusion began this week when California public health officials quietly updated their statewide reopening blueprint, which now says that “fully vaccinated persons from out of state may visit or attend activities or events that are restricted to in-state visitors.” State guidance specific to the theme park industry still says the parks are restricted to “in-state visitors only.”

Hence the confusion. But a California Department of Public Health spokesperson indicated Wednesday afternoon that SeaWorld’s interpretation was correct.

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