A newly engaged couple is being sought after by a Los Angeles photographer who captured their special moment as the sun set in Yosemite.

On Thursday, Sept. 28, LA-based photographer Allie Dearie says she took a hike with an elopement couple to Taft Point off Glacier Point Road, a popular spot that overlooks the valley.

As they awaited their turn to use a certain rock, they witnessed another couple’s special moment as the sun set.

“So we’re waiting to use the rock and we turn and we look and the guy was kneeling down and proposing,” Dearie explained. “This was just right place right time.”

Dearie recalled how the proposal took place.

“She turned and looked ’cause there was other hikers and when he kneeled down people started to applaud,” Dearie explained. “She kneeled down too so she was like really surprised, he totally caught her off-guard… It was a really cute reaction.”

Allie Dearie Photography @alliedearie

The timing was so perfect Dearie instinctively began capturing the moment, being reassured by the couple she came with they were just as happy to do the newly engaged couple the favor.

“I asked my elopement couple ’cause we were there for them, we hiked together and everything,” she recalled. “They said ‘of course’ they were happy for me to grab a few for them.”

Dearie felt it was important the couple had still photos of this significant event and took the initiative as she saw they just had a friend recording from his phone.

Allie Dearie Photography @alliedearie

“Their friend was there taking a video on his phone so that’s why I took some photos ’cause I didn’t see they had someone taking photos, he was just doing video,” she explained.

After the woman said yes and the couple had their moment, Dearie made sure to provide the groom-to-be with her contact information.

Allie Dearie Photography @alliedearie

“After they had their moment and we said congrats I handed him a business card and said ‘if you email me or text me I can send you the picture,'” Dearie said.

After having yet to hear back from them, she is worried the couple may have misplaced her card.

“It’s a long hike back and after sunset, you’re hiking in the dark and so I’m a little worried that he may have lost the card and that’s why I started posting online to see if I could find them,” she expressed.

Dearie has tried all she could to locate the couple she knows nothing about and is now asking the public to help her in her search.

“Once the proposal was over they had a quick conversation about what a perfect day it was for love, but we did not get their names or where they were visiting from or anything because I didn’t really want to interrupt them,” she said.

Anyone who recognizes the couple is encouraged to forward Dearie’s contact information so that she may give them the still photos of their special moment. She can be contacted via Instagram @AllieDearie or by email at AllieDeariePhotography.com.