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The chasm in coronavirus case rates between unvaccinated and vaccinated Californians is continuing to widen, state data show, as some officials move more aggressively to require the shots as a precondition of both work and play.

For the week ending Saturday, the average case rate among uninoculated residents was 51 per 100,000 people per day. That’s more than six times the rate for those already vaccinated against COVID-19, 8.2 per 100,000 people per day, according to figures from the California Department of Public Health.

While both those numbers increased from the week before, the slope was far steeper for those who have yet to get their doses.

For the week of July 31, the average unvaccinated case rate was 33 per 100,000 people per day, compared with a rate of 7 per 100,000 people per day for those who had been vaccinated.

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