Gas prices have climbed around 30 cents over the past month in California.

As of Monday, the average price for a gallon of regular gasoline was $4.90, according to AAA. Around this time in February, the average cost was $4.61/gallon.

While California’s average cost of gas is nearly $5, it can be even more expensive depending on the county.

For example, in Los Angeles County, the average price at the pump is $4.94/gallon. In Humboldt County, the average price is $5.41, according to AAA.

Gas prices are also creeping higher across the nation, but they’re still well below what Californians are paying.

Nationally, the average gallon of regular gasoline cost $3.40 on Monday: a 3-cent increase from Sunday and a 40-cent increase over a week ago.

However, gas is slightly cheaper nationally than it was a month ago.

The AAA attributes the rising cost of gas to more people being on the road and the production of the summer gasoline blend, which is more expensive to refine than the winter blend.

“According to new data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas demand jumped from 8.91 million to 9.11 million b/d last week,” a news release said. “The increase in gas demand, amid tighter supplies, has contributed to rising pump prices. If demand continues to grow, drivers will likely continue to see pump prices increase.”

For Southern California residents looking to find cheap gasoline, these 10 gas stations have the lowest prices in the Los Angeles area as of Monday (March 6), according to GasBuddy.

  1. Globe Oil at 2741 S Towne Ave in Pomona ($4.24)
  2. 76 at 684 S Glassell St. in Orange ($4.25)
  3. Shell at 31428 Ridge Route Rd. in Castaic ($4.27)
  4. Arco at 4205 Pacific Coast Highway in Torrance ($4.29)
  5. Arco and AMPM at 1782 Bellflower Blvd. in Long Beach ($4.29)
  6. Anthem Oil at 7512 E Alondra Blvd. in Paramount ($4.29)
  7. Cudahy Fuel Stop at 8330 Atlantic Ave in Cudahy ($4.29)
  8. Vons at 4224 Woodruff Ave in Lakewood ($4.31)
  9. Mohsen at 5981 Westminster Blvd. in Westminster ($4.34)
  10. Arco and AMPM at 16940 W. Gladstone St. in Azusa ($4.35)