Governor Gavin Newsom announced the release of $1 billion in Homeless Housing, Assistance and Prevention funding to support communities fighting homelessness statewide. 

Governor Newsom originally paused the funding last year and demanded that local governments revise their ambitions to propose a 2 percent reduction in homelessness. Local governments will now target a 15 percent reduction in homelessness statewide by 2025. 

In addition, the Governor also announced the largest mobilization of small homes to serve people experiencing homelessness in the state’s history. The California National Guard will assist in the preparation and delivery of 1,200 small homes to Los Angeles, San Diego County, San Jose and Sacramento free of charge and ready for occupancy. 

“In California, we are using every tool in our toolbox, including the largest-ever deployment of small homes in the state, to move people off the streets and into housing,” said Governor Newsom. “The crisis of homelessness will never be solved without first solving the crisis of housing.” 

Where the small homes will be placed will be left up to local jurisdictions. Los Angeles is set to receive 500 of the 1,200 small homes. 

“All different types of housing are needed to urgently confront this crisis,” said Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass. “This housing will help us bring more people inside, which is what our city needs right now.” 

Those living in encampments will be prioritized for the new units.