Last week, state regulators directed natural gas and power companies to provide customers immediate assistance for extraordinary high home heating bills many Californians are seeing this winter.

California Climate Credits will appear automatically on utility bills either this month or in early March, according to the California Public Utilities Commission.

“The timing of your credit may vary as…each utility faces different billing and logistical constraints,” CPUC says.

The credits, which come from money generated by California’s cap and trade program, are typically issued in April but will be applied early to offset current home heating bills.

The amount you receive depends on your utility providers.

Some residents have one company that provides both power and natural gas. Others have separate utilities. Either way, the total amount credited on your bill, or bills, will generally range from $90 to $120, CPUC says.

Winter 2023 Electric Credits (source: CPUC)

  • PG&E = $38.39
  • Southern California Edison = $71
  • SDG&E = $60.70
  • Bear Valley = $33.16
  • Liberty = $29.49
  • Pacific Power = $132.85

Winter 2023 Natural Gas Credits

  • PG&E = $52.78
  • SDG&E = $43.40
  • Southwest Gas = $56.35
  • SoCalGas = $50.77

For example, if your home’s natural gas is provided by SoCalGas and your electricity provider is Southern California Edison, your Climate Credits will total $121.77.

If San Diego Gas & Electric provides both your gas and power, you can expect credits of $104.10.

Additional credits will be issued in October.

If you don’t receive your electric and natural gas California Climate Credits by April, CPUC recommends you contact your utility directly.