Rapper Lil Nas X is in hot water over a massive party at a Hollywood Hills mansion.

The “Old Town Road” singer and DJ Zedd are among the defendants named in the lawsuit by the homeowner.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, the landlord, Daniel Fitzgerald, rented out the house to Lil Nas X in 2022 and specifically told him not to throw any parties. Zedd was allegedly the DJ at the party.

However, that didn’t stop the “Montero (Call Me by Your Name)” rapper from inviting nearly 1,000 people to the estate.

Fitzgerald said Lil Nas X and Zedd were each paid $250,000 for the party, while he was stuck with the clean-up bill. He alleged the party cost him $25,000 in damages to the property and “extensive repairs” cost him another $40,000.

He’s now seeking at least $1 million in compensation.

So far the two defendants haven’t made any public comments about the lawsuit.