Web searches for gas, cats, and remote work opportunities top Google’s Year in Search recap list for Los Angeles.

The search engine company compiled data from the L.A. region to give residents a glimpse into the most searched-for web inquiries on the website.

With high gas prices throughout the year, L.A. residents searched for “gas prices near me” twice as much compared to last year.  

The Google search topped this year’s top 10 trending “near me” searches for the L.A. region this year as well.

Gasoline prices reached record-high numbers on Oct. 3 and 4. One gallon of regular unleaded gasoline cost drivers $6.49 during the peak.

Patrick De Haan, the head of petroleum analysis at Gas Buddy, attributed the rising gasoline prices in the Golden State to high gas taxes and limited supply from oil refineries, among other reasons.

Experts say that drivers can expect prices to decrease even more as the new year approaches.

“Motorists shouldn’t be in any rush to fill up because gas prices will continue dropping, potentially under $5 a gallon by the end of the year if not before that,” De Haan told KTLA in November.

L.A. residents weren’t too fond of going into the office this year as searches for “remote jobs near me” was ranked second on the top 10 trending searches list.

Other trending searches included:

3rd: cheapest gas

4th: plasma donations

5th: Pilates

6th: comedy shows

7th: concerts

8th: payday loan

9th: at home covid test

10th: free PCR test

Los Angeles was the only place in the country to have free PCR tests included in its top 10 list, according to Google.

Google also found that Pallas’s cats were the area’s top trending animal for 2022, arepas were the top trending recipe, and rap was the area’s top searched music genre.

Google compiled similar data for other regions in California, such as San Diego, San Francisco, and Salinas.