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Southern California’s commuter rail service is offering a scorching deal to get travelers on the trains this summer.

Metrolink, which offers train service between Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino and Ventura counties, is bringing back its popular $15 Summer Day Pass.

The pass allows for unlimited weekday train rides on the day of purchase. The pass is available for purchase from June through August.

The Summer Day Pass was first introduced last year and Metrolink said it was a big hit with riders.

“Thanks to the positive customer response to the $15 Summer Day Pass last year, we are pleased to offer it again this summer,” Metrolink CEO Darren Kettle said. “The $15 Summer Day Pass is an affordable ticket option for customers to enjoy weekday summer adventures to the beach, mountains, and entertainment venues across Southern California.”

The Summer Day Pass goes on sale May 30 and can be purchased through the Metrolink Mobile app, as well as through Metrolink ticket machines.

L.A. County travelers utilizing the Summer Day Pass are also entitled to free transfers onto L.A.’s Metro system, allowing you to take a Metrolink train to Union Station and transfer onto any Metro subway, light rail or bus. With Metro’s Regional Connector opening next month, a trip to the beach is easier than ever.

Metrolink officials say the summer pass is the perfect tool for thrifty travelers looking to save some coin when taking weekday beach trips, afternoon hikes or simply going out for dinner with friends.

While the pass is limited to weekdays, Metrolink also offers a $10 Weekend Day Pass for unlimited weekend travel on its trains. Both passes are limited to the day of purchase. There’s also a $10 Holiday pass for travelers taking the train on six federal holiday weekends, including the upcoming Memorial Day, as well as Fourth of July and Labor Day.

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In addition to its service in the greater Los Angeles region, Metrolink also offers service in San Diego County.