Many Californians seem to think that things are bigger and better in Texas, according to a new report from Storage Café.

The exodus of Californians moving to Texas has continued to pick up steam, with a record number of Golden State residents leaving California for the Lone Star state in 2021.  

Researchers found that 111,000 people, or 300 per day, decided to make the move from California to Texas in 2021, an 80% increase compared to 2012, according to data from the U.S. Census and IPUMS.

The majority of people moving from California to Texas are millennials, according to the report.

The moving trend, which has been a thing for years, really gained traction during the pandemic as permanent remote work became the reality for many employees. No longer saddled with the burden of living in high-cost cities, many people moved to cities in more affordable states like Texas.  

Others may have decided to move to Texas due to its business-friendly environment. Texas Standard reported that of the companies that relocated to Texas, about 40% were from California, including a few high-profile businesses.

Elon Musk moved Tesla’s corporate headquarters to Austin, Texas, in 2021 after a dramatic exit from the Golden State. However, Musk also announced Tesla would be opening a global engineering headquarters in Northern California earlier this year.

Moving to Texas would also benefit those looking to become homeowners but have had trouble finding an affordable house in California. The report found that homes, on average, cost $282,000 less in Texas compared to California.

Other sources say the difference between the two states is larger.

The average price of homes in California cost $737,900 while the average price is $302,333 in Texas, according to Zillow.