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A mysterious monolith appeared on Christmas morning in San Francisco, and this time it’s made of gingerbread.

The monolith was seen towering over the city from Corona Heights Park Friday, with gumdrops lining the sides of the vertical gingerbread structure, KTLA sister station KRON in San Francisco reported.

Tossing all germ fears aside, one person was seen licking the monolith, said a San Franciscan who confirmed the structure was indeed a cookie that was held together with frosting.

It’s unclear who put up the gingerbread monolith or why, but it popped up just in time to spread some Christmas joy.

The cookie tower is modeled after the mysterious metal monoliths that made headlines when they appeared around the world: First in Utah, and then across the sea in Romania, and even one in Southern California.

The metal structures quickly became the subject of much online speculation. Droves of visitors went out to see the monolith in Utah.

The one found in California was at the pinnacle of a trail in Atascadero, in San Luis Obispo County.