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A Santa Rosa woman’s call to a reptile rescue organization regarding snakes under her home led to the discovery of dozens of rattlesnakes earlier this month, KTLA sister station KRON in San Francisco reports.

Al Wolf, the director of Sonoma County Reptile Rescue Al Wolf, was called out to retrieve the snakes from the home on Oct. 2.

He went underneath the house, where he found the first snake, then the second snake — and then a third. He later encountered baby snakes.

It turned out there was an active den beneath the woman’s house, according to Wolf. The snakes were having babies and had apparently been there for quite some time.

The snakes were identified as northern Pacific rattlesnakes, which are considered one of the deadliest snakes in Northern California.

It took nearly four hours to retrieve 59 babies and 22 adult rattlesnakes on that first visit. Wolf then made another two trips to site and found another 11 snakes.

Wolf told the Press-Democrat that the number of snakes was the most he’s ever encountered in one home in his more than three decades running the rescue organization.

“I’ve been doing this 32 years,” Wolf said in a separate interview with “I get calls with snakes under the house pretty often. The most I’ve done under a house is four or five.”

The homeowner, meanwhile, asked not be identified because she doesn’t want her neighbors to panic.