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A federal grand jury in California has indicted a 36-year-old Nevada woman accused of trying to hire a hit man on the internet for $5,000 in bitcoin to kill her ex-husband.

Kristy Lynn Felkins of Fallon is accused of communicating with someone in 2016 on a website that purported to offer murder-for-hire services.

Federal court records say the website indicated her ex-husband was living in Durham, North Carolina, at the time and she wanted him killed while he was traveling in Chico, California.

Authorities say the website turned out to be a scam that simply took money from unsuspecting customers and is no longer active.

If convicted, Felkins faces a maximum statutory penalty of 10 years in prison, officials said.

The case was the product of an investigation by a group of agents in a multi-agency task force focused on targeting “all forms of darkweb and cryptocurrency criminal activity” in California, according to the Department of Justice.