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Gov. Gavin Newsom on Friday rejected tuition increases this fall at the University of California and California State University but provided more higher education funds in his 2021-22 proposed budget than some campus leaders had expected.

“We do not believe it’s time for tuition increases and fee increases,” Newsom said in unveiling his budget proposal at a Sacramento briefing. “And we do believe it’s time to invest more in student aid across the spectrum. And that’s exactly what this budget proposes.”

Newsom’s proposal provides a 3% increase in base funding for UC and Cal State, which would help the two public university systems recover from substantial financial losses and added expenses triggered by the COVID-19 pandemic. Both systems were hit with state budget cuts of about $300 million each, massive losses in revenue from housing and dining, added expenses for technology as campuses shifted to online learning, and additional outlays for coronavirus testing and tracing, cleaning and protective equipment.

The proposed increase does not cover all of those losses or come close to reaching the level of funding that the systems had asked for. Moreover, Newsom said the increases were being proposed with the “expectation” that the UC and Cal State systems do not raise tuition or fees.

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