Only one California city was ranked among the top 10 “most diverse” cities in America, according to a new report from WalletHub.

The personal finance company compared 501 of the most populated cities in the U.S. across 13 diversity-based metrics, including race, occupation, language and age. No more than 10 cities from each state were considered for the study.

Overall, Los Angeles was considered to be the tenth “most diverse” city in America.

California cities’ overall position in the study

15th: Long Beach

19th: Oakland

28th: Sacramento

30th: Anaheim

42nd: San Diego

44th: San Jose

67th: Fresno

84th: Bakersfield

135th: San Francisco

Many California cities dropped significantly in ranking compared to WalletHub’s 2019 most diverse cities rankings.

In those rankings, Oakland and San Jose took the seventh and eighth positions, respectively. San Francisco took the 11th spot, San Diego took the 18th position, Los Angeles was ranked 22nd.

However, the city of Long Beach moved up on the list after previously being considered the 26th “most diverse” city in the 2019 WalletHub report, according to the Sacramento Bee.

For the newest rankings, three cities from Maryland rounded out the top three “most diverse” cities.

Experts at WalletHub determined that Gaithersburg, Maryland was the “most” diverse city in America, while Germantown and Silver Spring took the second and third spots, respectively.

The 2023 WalletHub Most Diverse Cities ranking is the first installment in the company’s diversity study series for 2023.