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The California Independent System Operator, which manages the state’s energy grid, warned that more than a million addresses across the state can experience power shutoffs this summer.

Being mindful about saving energy could help the state’s power grid, especially during a drought that’s knocking hydroelectric plants offline.

And with all of California under some form of drought, the state is at a greater risk for wildfires.

To thwart the risk caused by utility equipment, officials from CAISO want residents to be prepared.

Record breaking high temperatures are expected this year and the power supply will likely be strained more than usual.

Southern California Edison said the utility is prepared and ready for the worst, but said customers are also urged to do their part.

“We are always concerned with, when we have an entire west-wide heat,” said David Song, a SoCal Edison spokesman. “So if the entire western region is experiencing a heatwave, we’re trying to import electricity. There could be some constraints.”

Customers are urged to reduce their power consumption between the hours of 4 and 9 p.m. Those worried about the heat should pre-cool their homes earlier in the day when statewide energy consumption is lower and the grid is less strained.

In the meantime, CAISO is doing whatever it can to increase energy capacity in the state. That includes updating equipment, acquiring more batteries and other energy storage devices, and increasing the amount of green energy sources.