According to WalletHub, San Francisco is the best coffee city in America.

The personal finance website used 12 factors to determine which major city in the U.S. could secure the No. 1 spot.

The 12 factors were converted to a point system ranging from 7.14 points to 14.29 points and calculated to 100 points  San Francisco scored 63.53 points out of 100.

The WalletHub survey considered factors like the average price of coffee and cappuccinos within the city, the number of coffee shops and donut shops and the number of coffee-centric events, like coffee festivals.

Other California cities earned a spot on the list as well.

Sacramento secured the ninth spot earning 56.73 points, San Diego secured the 13th spot earning 55.07 points and Long Beach secured the 14th spot by gaining 54.78 points.

Los Angeles trailed behind Chicago and earned the 16th spot by earning 53.23 points.

San Bernardino placed the lowest out of the California cities, earning 26.53 points, thus making the 95th spot.

The entire list can be viewed here.

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