A shark attacked a man off Lovers Point Beach in Pacific Grove on Wednesday, the Pacific Grove Police Department confirmed to KTLA sister station KRON.

Pacific Grove police said the victim was bitten in the leg and the stomach.

One witness said that the man was paddling on a standup paddleboard when the attack happened.

Pacific Grove City Councilmember Jenny McAdams described the victim as a “surfer” and said he was transported to Natividad Medical Center.

McAdams wrote on Facebook, “The surfer was rushed from the water to Natividad. The surfer’s condition is unknown at this time.”

The shark still appears to be in the area. “After the attack, the shark was seen again in the area. The beach has been closed, with everyone ordered out of the water,” McAdams wrote.

The beach will be closed for 72 hours for safety.

Officials have not yet identified what species the shark is. Great white sharks live in the Monterey Bay and were responsible for other attacks on people in previous years.