As a winter storm continues to move through California, prompting many residents to turn up the heat, Southern California Gas Company announced plans to increase its prices next year.

The nation’s largest natural gas company announced that it would hold two virtual public forums to address its application to raise rates. The meetings will be held on March 6 and March 15.

The application was filed with the California Public Utility Commission last May before the cost of natural gas dramatically increased.

The application also requested that more price increases be implemented until 2027.

If the application is approved, the average residential bill will increase by about $8.28 monthly, according to the company’s website.

The utility said that the planned price increases would allow it to invest in the gas delivery system, clean energy technologies and maintain its workforce.

Many SoCalGas customers are still dealing with high gas bills due to an “unprecedented cold snap” that plagued Southern California and other areas around Christmas.

The cold temperatures were blamed for the increased cost of natural gas between December and January. Gas prices went up around 128% during that period, according to SoCalGas.

Due to this, many customers had bills that were likely more than doubled their usual amount.

The utility says its Gas Assistance Fund and Level Pay Plan program can assist customers in paying their gas bills.

People can also lower their bill amounts by reducing their gas usage. Customers can lower their thermostats, wash clothes in cold water and avoid using gas appliances unless necessary.