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Stanford Medical Center doctors who are completing their residencies and fellowships staged a protest Friday, saying they were passed over during the first wave of COVID-19 vaccinations even though they work directly with patients suffering from the highly contagious disease.

A few dozen of the residents and fellows carried signs at the demonstration outside a door where the Palo Alto hospital was staging a photo opportunity for journalists covering the initial vaccinations. One protest sign read: “I saw 16 Covid patients in the last 24 hours …. More than Double the amount of residents getting the vaccine.”

Some doctors took to Twitter to protest the vaccine distribution plan.

“Disparities in distribution of the vaccine can be seen at a micro-level at Stanford today,” tweeted Dr. Christine Santiago, an internal medicine resident. “I worry that the situation we see at Stanford is a harbinger of population-level inequities of vaccine distribution for our underserved communities.”

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