A new study from Money Geek revealed the economic toll crime has had on multiple cities nationwide. Due to their low crime cost per capita, six California cities were ranked among the safest cities in America.

Those cities were Sunnyvale, West Covina, Jurupa Valley, El Monte, Rancho Cucamonga and Glendale.

Researchers determined that the lower a city’s crime cost per capita was, the safer it was.

A team of analysts at Money Geek determined the ranking by analyzing FBI crime statistics from December 2022 for 263 cities and calculated the cost of crime in each area. 

Money Geek determined that the cost of crime includes medical and mental health care needs, damage or loss of property, police and corrections costs and other factors. Violent crimes typically cost more than nonviolent crimes.

The weight that falls on a community also depends on the types of crimes and the city’s location.

The Top 15 Safest Cities

City Name Crime Cost Per Capita
Naperville, Illinois $156
Sunnyvale, California $156
West Covina, California $181
Carmel, Indiana$205
Glendale, Arizona$210
Meridian, Idaho$230
Provo, Utah $245
Joliet, Illinois $247
Jurupa Valley, California $253
Sugar Land, Texas$260
McAllen, Texas $268
El Monte, California $277
Rancho Cucamonga, California $283
Glendale, California $299
Pearland, Texas $302

The top 15 dangerous cities were ranked by the highest cost of crime per capita.

City Name Crime Cost Per Capita
St. Louis, Missouri $8,457
Mobile, Alabama$8,014
Birmingham, Alabama$7,900
Baltimore, Maryland $7,230
Detroit, Michigan $6,780
Cleveland, Ohio$6,491
New Orleans, Louisiana $6,444
Shreveport, Louisiana $6,344
Baton Rouge, Louisiana $5,739
Little Rock, Arkanasas $5,374
Oakland, California $5,329
Milwaukee, Wisconsin $5,243
Kansas City, Missouri $4,884
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania $4,755

No large cities — which Money Geek defines as a place with more than 300,000 people — made the study’s top 10 safest cities list, but researchers determined that these were the safest.

  1. Honolulu, HI – $528 (crime cost per capita)
  2. Virginia Beach, VA – $550 (crime cost per capita)
  3. Henderson, NV – $805 (crime cost per capita)
  4. El Paso, TX – $837 (crime cost per capita)
  5. New York, NY – $863 (crime cost per capita)
  6. San Diego, CA – $963 (crime cost per capita)
  7. Mesa, AZ – $1,069 (crime cost per capita)
  8. Charlotte, NC – $1,073 (crime cost per capita)