While money can’t buy happiness, a move to this California city may boost your serotonin levels.

A February report from WalletHub ranked Fremont, a city in Northern California, as the ‘happiest’ city in America.

Researchers analyzed 30 happiness-related data metrics which were grouped into three categories: emotional and physical well-being, income and employment, and community and environment. A total of 182 U.S. cities were given scores on a 100-point scale.

Fremont had an overall score of 76.10. San Jose, San Francisco, Irvine, Oakland, Huntington Beach, and San Diego also made the top 20.

Los Angeles was ranked 76th.

While the U.S. only ranks 16th on the World Happiness Report, the study from Wallet Hub suggests that some American cities still provide residents with a very positive quality of life.

The report also draws on the psychological research findings that indicate a correlation between happiness and where you live; however, that’s not the complete story.

“Where you live makes a difference, to be sure, although where you live probably is not as big a factor as personal and family influences on any one person’s happiness.” Dr. Sherry Hamby, distinguished research professor of psychology at the University of the South, said in a statement.

“Places with more resources–whether these are natural resources like beaches and mountains, cultural resources like museums and theaters, or essential resources like health care and transportation–tend to have happier people than other places.”

California cities that made the list:

1st. Fremont. 76.10 points

2nd: San Jose: 70.35 points

5th: San Francisco: 68.73 points

6th: Irvine: 67.83 points

13th: Oakland: 64.08 points

14th: Huntington Beach: 64.04 points

15th: San Diego: 63.98 points

23rd: Anaheim: 62.09 points

24th: Garden Grove: 62.01 points

25th: Chula Vista: 61.90 points

26th: Santa Rosa: 61.52 points

27th: Glendale: 61.29 points

28th: Oxnard: 61.12 points

31st: Santa Clarita: 60.51 points

36th: Oceanside: 60.23 points

42nd: Sacramento: 59.51 points

44th: Santa Ana: 59.34 points

65th: Rancho Cucamonga: 57.45 points

76th: Los Angeles: 56.02 points

79th: Long Beach: 55.46 points

83rd: Ontario: 54.97 points

87th: Moreno Valley: 54.79 points

89th: Riverside: 54.60 points

92nd: Fontana: 54.27 points

117th: Modesto: 50.40 points

119th: Stockton: 50.18 points

126th: Fresno: 49.14 points

132nd: San Bernardino: 48.25 points

135th: Bakersfield: 47.58 points

For Californians thinking about moving to the ‘happiest’ city in America, it could be a costly endeavor since the median home price in the Fremont area is over $1.2 million, according to Redfin.

The report also draws on the psychological research findings that indicate a correlation between happiness and where you live.