A new study from Pixlr, a photo editing website, revealed which colors were the most popular in each state.

Researchers analyzed Google searches for 22 colors, excluding black and white, and 25 color-related terms to determine the ranking.

The study revealed that red was the most popular color in 30 states. Pink was the most popular in 12 states, followed by blue in six states and brown in the remaining two.

“It’s fascinating to see the varying color preferences across the USA. Red is dominant in more than half the states and is particularly versatile considering it has associations with vigor, love, and passion, as well as war, courage, danger, and anger,” a Pixlr representative said in a statement.

Pink was the most popular color in California, with searches like “pink flowers” and “pink aesthetic” pushing the color to the top spot.

Here are the most popular colors by state:

Alabama: pink

Alaska: red

Arizona: red    

Arkansas: red

California: pink  

Colorado: red

Connecticut: red  

Delaware: pink              

Florida: pink  

Georgia: pink

Hawaii: red        

Idaho: red          

Illinois: blue

Indiana: red       

Iowa: red

Kansas : red

Kentucky: red

Louisiana: red

Maine: red         

Maryland: pink  

Massachusetts: red

Michigan: red

Minnesota: blue             

Mississippi: pink           

Missouri: blue

Montana: red

Nebraska: blue

Nevada: red       

New Hampshire: red

New Jersey: pink         

New Mexico: red

New York: pink

North Carolina: red

North Dakota: pink

Ohio: brown

Oklahoma: pink

Oregon: red

Pennsylvania: brown

Rhode Island: red

South Carolina: red

South Dakota:

Tennessee: red

Texas: pink

Utah: red

Vermont: red

Virginia: red

Washington: red

West Virginia: red

Wisconsin: red

Wyoming: blue