California is notorious for having high living expenses, especially for housing, so it is no surprise that a $1,500 monthly rental budget won’t go far in the Golden State.

Researchers at Rent Café and Yardi, a California-based real-estate website and property management software company, analyzed how much apartment space a $1,500 monthly rental budget would get prospective renters in the Golden State.

To compile the list, experts calculated the “price per square foot derived from the average rents and average size of apartments by city using Yardi Matrix data,” according to the report.

The study was broken into two parts that listed how much apartment space a $1,500 budget would get renters in 100 of America’s smallest and largest cities.

How much apartment space a $1,500 monthly budget will give renters in select California cities:

41st: Fresno: 904 square feet

42nd: Bakersfield:  902 square feet

65th: Stockton: 759 square feet

67th: Palmdale: 701 square feet

68th: Fontana: 695 square feet

72nd: Elk Grove: 674 square feet

73rd: Sacramento: 674 square feet

74th: Roseville: 659 square feet.

78th: Santa Clarita: 598 square feet  

79th: Riverside: 569 square feet

80th: Anaheim: 557 square feet

82nd: Chula Vista: 541 square feet

84th: Santa Ana: 516 square feet

87th: Long Beach: 468 square feet

88th: Fremont: 458 square feet

90th: San Diego: 449 square feet

91st: San Jose: 445 square feet

92nd: Irvine: 445 square feet.

93rd: Los Angeles: 423 square feet.

94th: Oakland: 418 square feet.

98th: San Francisco: 336 square feet.

Experts advise renters with a budget to look for apartments outside of the Golden State. For renters looking to live in a big city on a budget, Wichita, Kansas, was considered the “best” place to look while Columbus, Georgia was considered the “best” place to look for those who want to live in a smaller city.

The complete study can be viewed here.