A TikTok video is going viral after its creator claimed Walt Disney World Resort in Orlando, Florida would ban strollers beginning Oct. 1.

The news made fans of the Disneyland Resort wonder if a similar policy would begin at the “Happiest Place on Earth” in Anaheim.

David Vaughn, a theme park content creator who covers The Walt Disney Co. debunked the rumor, posting on Twitter that the Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World Resort would not ban strollers on Oct. 1 “or any time after that.”

A Disneyland spokesperson confirmed to KTLA that these rumors were false.

The video, which has approximately 2.6 million views, was an act of satire, but many viewers took the creator’s words to heart.

“This is a ridiculous change,” one TikTok user said. “Toddlers cannot walk around that theme park for long.”

Other users questioned where this information came from or how Disney would accommodate families that need to use strollers. Some users claimed they wouldn’t visit the theme park if this were true.

Other TikTok users, however, knew it was a joke.

In 2019, Disneyland Resort banned stroller wagons inside the parks to reduce congestion and to provide a more enjoyable experience for all park guests, the park said.

Disneyland Park and Disney California Adventure still offer stroller rentals to those that need them.