Gas prices are slowly starting to increase again. After nearly a three-month-long decline in prices, the second longest streak on record, the national gas price of $3.67 increased to $3.81, according to AAA.

In California, that statewide average is $5.49; in Los Angeles, the average cost of gas is $5.54, according to AAA. However, some counties in California have gas prices below the state and national average.

Here are the California counties with the lowest average gas price:

  1. Imperial County: $5.18
  2. Yuba County: $5.20
  3. Butte County: $5.24
  4. Sutter County: $5.25
  5. Tehama County: $5.30
  6. Stanislaus County: $5.31
  7. San Joaquin County: $5.35
  8. Yolo County: $5.35
  9. Fresno County: $5.37
  10. Solano County: $5.42

If you can’t make a trip to one of these counties for cheaper gas, relief is on the way. California gas rebate checks could start going out next week.