The plan to build a high-speed train that will connect Las Vegas with Southern California took another important step this month.

The massive transportation project by Brightline could begin as soon as this year, with an estimated completion plotted for around 2027.

Last week, the Federal Rail Authority completed its environmental review for a portion of the project and found “no significant impact” along one of the critical sections of the proposed track.

The segment is located between Rancho Cucamonga and Victorville, with the tracks set to be built within the right of way of the 15 Freeway. Other segments along the proposed track have already received environmental approval.

The FRA evaluated the proposal, determined what impacts it could have on the local environment, traffic and natural aesthetic and determined that Brightline’s proposed solutions satisfied any concerns.

The high-speed rail project is estimated to cost at least $12 billion and will connect the Las Vegas strip to Rancho Cucamonga, with stops along the way in Apple Valley, Hesperia and Victorville.

Trains will take off every hour at high speeds, carrying passengers along the 215-plus mile stretch.

Brightline said it will coordinate its train arrivals with Metrolink service in Rancho Cucamonga, allowing for easy transfer onto trains that connect to the greater Los Angeles area.

The project has received bipartisan support and Brightline has agreed to put down about $10 billion for construction. The Nevada Department of Transportation has also applied for grant funding from the federal government to chip in with the costs.

Union construction contracts were agreed to earlier this year. Brightline has also agreed to construct wildlife overpass crossings as part of the project.