Video shows man freeing shark caught on fishing line at Carlsbad beach


A beachgoer freed a small great white shark from a fishing line in Carlsbad over the weekend in a dramatic incident that was captured on video.

The incident unfolded around 2 p.m. Saturday at Tamarack State Beach in Carlbad after the shark got caught on the line, KTLA sister station KSWB in San Diego reported.

The footage, shot by Kelly Bailey, shows the shark’s fin poking out near the shoreline, at which point a shirtless man grabs the line and pulls the shark onto the beach

The unidentified man is seen holding the thrashing shark by its caudal fin until another man cuts the line. He then was able to haul the shark back into the water to send it on its way.

In an email, Bailey said she was at the beach with her family when she observed the incident.

“I was walking over towards the Jetty where my son and his cousins were exploring and I noticed a fishing line pulling from far out in the water,” she told KSWB. “I then saw a man reeling in a large marine reel and another man running towards the water with a spear. After the man was fighting to reel in what we all thought was a sport fish, [I] was told by the other man holding the spear that it was in fact a shark.”

The video shows multiple people gathered around the area to watch the shark be freed. Nobody appeared to be hurt in the incident and the shark swam off.

Bailey said she started filming “hoping to see a big fish so I just kept it going.”

“Once it got to the beach, we all could tell it was a great white,” she added.

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