Video: Bears approach man with corned beef, open car door in Sierra Madre

Video captured a man’s run-in with a family of bears Thursday in Sierra Madre.

The man was sitting in his car with his St. Patrick’s Day corned beef meal in his lap near Mountain Trail and Churchill Road when he saw the bears approach.

The video shows one of the hungry bears come up to the car and open the door — twice.

The man had quick reflexes, promptly closing his car door both times and keeping himself and his dog safe.

Another video shows the three bears climbing a tree outside the house and hanging around near a deer lawn ornament.

It’s not unheard of for bears to be able to open doors.

The California Department of Parks and Recreation warns that bears can open vehicle doors and may cause damage trying to gain entry if they sniff something inside.

Bears can also pry open home doors, windows and dumpsters.

The state’s wildlife department shared these tips for bear-proofing your home: