(KTXL) — Walmart will pay $500,000 to settle allegations that the company and third-party sellers operating on Walmart’s website sold brass knuckles to consumers in California, Attorney General Rob Bonta announced Tuesday.

California state law prohibits the sale and possession of brass knuckles.

“Illegal weapons have no place in California,” said Bonta. “The settlement we have reached with Walmart makes crystal clear that online retailers are responsible for what they are allowing to be offered for sale in our state.” 

A Walmart representative provided a statement, saying “We are committed to being the most trusted retailer. While we believe our policies and procedures comply with California law and admit no liability or wrongdoing, we believe this agreement is in the best interest of all parties.”

Like its internet-based competitor Amazon, Walmart’s website offers both products sold by the company itself as well as third-party retailers.

The Attorney General’s Office alleged that “approximately 250 products that may be classified as brass knuckles” were sold on the website and that approximately 60% were sold by Walmart itself.

The Attorney General’s Office said that as part of the settlement, Walmart will be prohibited from selling brass knuckles on its website and be required to prohibit third-party sellers from even offering illegal weapons for sale.

The District Attorney’s Offices of Merced, Ventura, and Yolo Counties assisted with the investigation and will each receive one-fourth of the half-a-million-dollar settlement payment, with the California Department of Justice also receiving an equal share.

“It was too easy for our investigators to make online purchases of illegal brass knuckles,” said Ventura District Attorney Erik Nasarenko. “Walmart and other retailers need to take a hard look at their online sales practices and ensure that they are in compliance with California law.”

Walmart, which reported $611 billion in revenue last year, has over 300 physical locations throughout California.