YouTube Premium subscribers are the latest streaming viewers to experience a price hike. Users took to social media to share that the platform has increased its family plan subscription by $5.

The plan used to cost $17.99 and now costs $22.99.

Those affected by the price change were notified via email on Thursday. The price increase is set to take effect on or after Nov. 21.

YouTube Premium individual accounts, however, haven’t seen a price increase. The service still costs $11.99, according to the website.

YouTube Premium allows subscribers to watch videos without ads, access the YouTube Music platform, play videos while using other apps, and watch videos without internet access.

The family plan allows five family members to access YouTube Premium and YouTube Music.

YouTube isn’t the only company raising prices for its services. Netflix will begin charging users an extra fee for sharing their passwords in early 2023. Disney+ and Hulu also announced price hikes.

Some subscribers have taken to social media to express their frustrations with the YouTube’s latest price increase. The company didn’t explain the reason behind the price increase.

Google, YouTube’s parent company, didn’t respond to KTLA’s request for comment prior to publication.