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(NEXSTAR) — The cost of everything is seemingly high right now, and while there are ways to save a few bucks on some things, others can’t be avoided, especially household bills. A new report found that, unsurprisingly, where you live can have a big impact on how costly your bills are.

Doxo, a personal finance resource, found that the average U.S. household will spend $24,032 on bills annually. Bills, in this case, cover 10 categories: mortgage, rent, auto loan, utilities, auto insurance, cable/internet/phone service, health insurance, mobile phone, alarm and security, and life insurance.

Using its own data, Doxo ranked each state, and cities within those states, based on how much residents spend on average on monthly bills. Overall, Doxo determined Hawaii residents have the highest average monthly bills at $2,911. Residents of California aren’t far behind with the second-highest average at $2,649.

Among California households, mobile phone bills are the most common and cost $113 on average, in line with the national average. Across the 10 bill categories reviewed by Doxo, all but two are above the national rate: auto insurance ($163 versus $196) and health insurance ($122 versus $123).

The greatest difference between California and the national average bills is among housing costs. The average mortgage bill is $2,234, well above the national average of $1,368. Rent in California is around $1,570, over $400 higher than the U.S. average of $1,129.

Across the nation’s 50 largest cities, Doxo found San Jose has the highest average monthly bills at $3,248, but that isn’t even the highest average in California.

Here are the 10 cities with at least 40,000 households with the highest average monthly bills, according to Doxo:

  1. San Mateo: $3,521
  2. Sunnyvale: $3,468
  3. Carlsbad: $3,396
  4. Fremont: $3,296
  5. Santa Clara: $3,255
  6. San Jose: $3,248
  7. Irvine: $3,212
  8. Santa Monica: $3,119
  9. Simi Valley: $3,116
  10. Santa Barbara: $3,084

When reviewing all cities, Doxo found these 10 had the highest bills:

  1. Ladera Ranch: $4,132
  2. Menlo Park: $4,029
  3. Trabuco Canyon: $3,946
  4. Stevenson Ranch: $3,908
  5. San Ramon: $3,902
  6. Danville: $3,885
  7. Marina Del Rey: $3,880
  8. La Canada Flintridge: $3,859
  9. Calabasas: $3,847
  10. Dublin: $3,845

Three other California cities ranked among the U.S.’s largest cities with high bills: San Francisco ($2,946), San Diego ($2,689), and Los Angeles ($2,672).

The report found residents in cities on both coasts tend to spend the most on their monthly bills while residents living in Midwestern cities tend to spend less. Residents of West Virginia have the lowest average monthly bills at $1,452, followed by Arkansas ($1,552) and Mississippi ($1,559).