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Nail salon advocates held a rally Monday in the Little Saigon area of Orange County to call on California Gov. Gavin Newsom to address reports that the first community spread case of COVID-19 may not have occurred at a salon, and to announce a reopening plan for shops.

More than a hundred people took to the streets in the 9200 block of Bolsa Avenue in Westminster to make their demands heard after waiting more than 80 days for their shops to reopen.

“Families are hurting, crying, losing income daily,” Linda Lan, a manicurist from the Bay Area, told the Los Angeles Times. “We still have no idea when we can return.”

One salon owner traveled from Carson to participate in the O.C. rally and told KTLA she owes three months of rent because she hasn’t been allowed to reopen.

A group of nail industry leaders dubbed Nailing it for America want Newsom to announce reopening guidelines and to address comments he made on May 7 about the first case of coronavirus community transmission happening at a nail salon.

The group says that some of Newsom’s senior officials admitted during a June 2 Zoom meeting with them that the May announcement was a mistake.

“It began with Gov. Newsom sharing inaccurate information on May 7 with devastating impacts on the beauty industry in California and with far-reaching repercussions across America,” a statement by Nailing it for America and cited by the Times said.

Newsom was asked about the officials’ Zoom meeting comments during a June 5 news conference but did not answer the questions, according to the group.

A Lakewood salon owner said that her business is “hanging on by a thread” and that she and her workers are taking it “day by day.”

She said it is unfair that other businesses, including hair salons, have reopened but not her industry.

“He’s putting everything in the same basket. It’s not fair,” she said, referring to the community transmission inaccuracy.

The salon owner added that she has safety measures in place and would be able to reopen her business as soon as Newsom gives the green light.

“We follow every rule,” she said.

The governor’s press secretary responded Monday to questions about community transmission and reopening guidelines with the following statement:

“The Newsom Administration continues to engage with stakeholders in the nail salon industry to gather feedback and participate in constructive dialogue about reopening — with a focus on public health and safety. We remain committed to keeping the lines of communication open as we look to modify our Stay at Home order.”