CDC releases guidance on reopening that had previously been shelved by White House


The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has posted 60 pages of detailed guidelines on how to reopen the United States from coronavirus pandemic stay-at-home orders on the agency’s website.

The guidance was a slightly shorter version of a 68-page document shelved by the White House last week after concerns it was too specific.

Still, the latest CDC document was very descriptive, providing a detailed road map for schools, restaurants, transit and child care facilities on the categories to consider before reopening.

READ: CDC guidance on reopening America from coronavirus stay-at-home orders

The guidance was posted without fanfare amid reported tensions between the agency and the White House.

CNN previously reported one of the main hold ups for publishing the CDC documents was the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office of Civil Rights Division felt that faith-based organizations were being unfairly targeted.

A senior CDC official told CNN that references to faith-based guidance were “stripped” from the final document.

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